Leopold Horovitz exhibition at The East Slovakian Museum in Kosice 16th November 2017

Along with my sister Caroline Mills and cousin Marie Roos, I was happy to attend the opening  of the Leopold Horovitz exhibition in Kosice. We had the met the curator Jana Svantnerova at the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava in 2016, and she had told us of the planned exhibition, and that she would like to include in the catalogue the portrait of Pauline St Angelo painted in 1917, the year of Horowitz’s death.

The evening was wonderful. There were speeches by people connected to the exhibition including Jana, and descendants of Leopold including Angela, and Piotr Mikucki. Piotr is the great grandson of Leopold and spoke in English.



The family descendants of Leopold Horovitz 

The exhibition has been a coming together for the descendants who are spread across several countries, and many unaware of each other. The end of the exhibition included a family tree. For this reason Piotr called Jana the guardian angel of the Horowitz family.


 It was great to meet Leopold’s descendants and establish our connection.

The paintings


The paintings are mainly of people. Leopold’s most prominent subject being Elizabeth of Austria (1837-1898) known as Sisi. She was the wife of Franz Joseph I (also painted by Leopold) and was Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. She was assassinated in 1898 in Geneva. Her husband commissioned Leopold to paint her posthumously in 1899. The portrait was in a Beirkeller in Vienna in 2016 when Caroline persuaded the owner to let us see the portrait.

Piotr told me at the exhibition that it has now been sold and its location is unknown, confirmed by Wikipedia.

(The strange candles are reflections in the glass. We had not received a welcome from the bierkeller owner and felt we were on borrowed time hence the poor photography).

Leopold Horovitz – self portraits


The vodka!!! and the nibbles



The other paintings

We all felt so lucky to be here to see the paintings and be part of the experience and feel our European links through our great-grandfather Francesco St Angelo.



Our great-aunt Pauline St Angelo

– in the catalogue – one of Leopold’s final portraits from 1917




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